Promote Lecturers as Assistant Professor and Assistant Teachers as Assistant Head with the central examination

প্রকাশিত: ১২:০২ অপরাহ্ণ, জুলাই ২, ২০২০

Promotion of jobs is an important issue. The importance of the promotion system in evaluating the work and qualifications, experience and skills is limitless. The ratio of the proportion of the non government MPO colleges to the effect of a college-based promotion is not being properly qualified. Therefore, it is important to ensure transparency and accountability for the selection of Assistant Professor and Associate professor of the central promotion media.

On the other hand, the school, the Madrasah Assistant teachers use the timescale or the selection grade to get a senior teacher’s designation which is nothing but a ineffective award. Because senior scale is the assistant teacher. Really, there is no existance of senior teacher. This designation is not available in MPO sheets or other places. Assistant Teacher id placed everywhere. To promote this disparity in the scale of the crisis, the promotion of assistant teachers can be done directly or through the appointment of assistant teachers. It is a matter of honour and dignity for teachers of the nation. Many students or children are later added to the jobs by the head of the Committee, along with their experiences. There’s a lot of irregularities. Therefore, the appointment of the assistant head teacher with a centralized examination demands the force to declare the said position to be promotible. It will ensure the merit.

The college-based promotion of Assistant Professor has resulted in many institutions being deprived of equal opportunities through the managing Committee. As a result of the ratio, many senior lecturers have been deprived of promotion despite being employed in good-quality colleges. He was later joined by the Assistant Professor . As a result, such a situation has been created in many institutions that the father is lecturer but the son is the Assistant Professor . In the old age, junior or former student has been promoted to Assistant professor. Which is not desirable. The issue is sensitive and shameful. I hope that the authorities will take the matter out of the well.
The initiative to create an Associate Professor position according to the MPO policy 2018 is an essential and positive step of the government. Humbly urge the Government to implement the swift implementation. However, the re-proposed ratio in the case of Associate Professor may be the reason for the assessment and the reasons for the teachers to be able to reignite the practice through the Managing Committee. Again it will create many problems. Only Assistant Professor will be promoted as Associate Professor following the ratio (proposed) 3:1.Thus, by cancelling the ratio, the central examination under the government will be justified and judged for the Associate Professor.

According to MPO rule 2018 only a less number of eligible candidates will compete and apply for the post of Principal and Vice-Principal.That’s why skilled and well qualified candidates will no more to conduct Colleges with administrative capacity. A total of 12 years of experience is required with a 3-year experience as Assistant Professor in the rank of Vice-Principale of Degree college or Principal at the Higher Secondary College.
.To be the Principal of Degree College again, 3-years experience as a Vice Principal of Degree College or Principal of Higher Secondary colleges totalling experience 15 years.. As such, the candidates for the previous application applied and joined as a Principal now are being deprived of application. According to Mpo rule 2010 a huge number of Lecturer would applied and compete with totalling 15years experience as a Lecturer. At the end of service, Lecturers are going to be retired with the same designation as Lecturer. So,changing conditions of MPO 2018 is necessary following the MPO rule 2010.Otherwise, meritorious and brilliant candidates will no longer appreciate or join in the profession.Rather, it will create a hatred mind for the Lecturers in Their teaching period.

In the post of Assistant professor, the main condition of promotion is 8 years experience as a Lecturer following ratio 5:2, the person who is an experienced man will be promoted to Assistant Professor 2 out of 7. Divisions on the basis of the ratio of 5:2, which is the auto promotion (without any promotion test). If a college has a 4/5 lecturer, only 1 will be a professor. Due to the difficulty and ratio of the Committee, there are no more than one assistant professors in many colleges. The rest will not be able to be the Assistant Professor in his whole life, which is a black custom or a black law. As a result, the Assistant professor was a few in the district and a few in the country.

* After all, the ratio must be withdrawn or cancelled for the post os Assistant professors, Associate Professor for the 8/12/15 years experience should be kept open for the post of professor. The Assistant or Senior Teachers must be centrally selected with promotional exam or otherwise promoted directly depending on experience.

★★★ Honorable Minister of Education and Government is requested ratio system to eliminate for the Lecturer and Assistant professors. Please, take a better steps to be promoted through centralized examination by cancelling the norm 5:2 and 3:1. We are also praying for the appointment of a Senior Teacher to be promoted as Assistant Head Teacher . We are requesting the government to take immediate, action, intervention and control of the discrimination without managing committee.

Thank you,
Mohammad Shirajul Islam,
Lecturer, (English),
Secretary General,
MPO Teachers Transfer Implement Committee