Let’s learn grammar (Narration )part 3

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Nasir Uddin Molla
Sitarampur M.H High School

Today we will learn our fourth steps that means changing tense in indirect narrations.
4.Changing Tense:-
We have to change *reported speech verb* on condition reporting verb
***a.) Simple present > Sipmle past.eg…
He *said *to me,”I *am* ill”.
Ind:He told me that he was ill.

***b) present continuous> past continuous.eg…
Mujahid said,”I am not going to coaching “.
Ind:Mujahid said that he was not going to coaching.

***c) present perfect > past perfect.eg…
Rubina said,”I have prepared my homework ”
Ind:Rubina said that she had prepared her homework.

***d)present perfect continuous >past perfect continuous. eg….
They said,”we have been working for an hour”
Ind:They said that they had been working for an hour.

***e) simple past+simple past >past perfect.eg…
Zakiya said, “I wrote a poem about Covid 19”
Ind:Zakiya said that she had written a poem about Covid 19.

***f) Fiture indefinite will be changed in will >would, shall >should and past form of all model verb.eg…
You said, “you will help me”
Ind:You said that you would help me.

***g) Universal truth in reported speech will not be changed.eg…
The teacher said, “Honesty is the best policy.”
Ind:The teacher said that honesty is the best policy.

***h) Past perfect tense will not be changed.
He said, “I had finished my duty.”
Ind:He said that he had finished his duty.


Nasir uddin molla
Sitarampur m h high school