Let’s learn grammar (Narration/Indirect speech /Passage narration) part 1

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In our daily life we have to speak each of other to express our opinions. This may be with two three or more.This speak or speech is called narration.
we mainly speak in two faces one is direct and another is indirect. So, narration are classified into two steps.
Direct : Speker speaks directly with the listener.
eg…He said,”I am ill.”
Indirect :Speaker speaks indirectly with the listener.
eg..Mitu said that she was ill.
Part of an indirect narration……
There are five parts must have to change of an indirect narration.
***1.Reporting verb
***2.Use of conjunction
***5.Time related word
Mr.Zaman said(rv)to Zafor(oject), (conj)”I (person)am going(tense)to Dhaka tomorrow (t r w)” . We will get five kinds of sentence on reported speech/” ” /in inverted comma.
Shortly memorising,,,,,,,,,

1. Assertive :Started with subject and end with full stop.
2.Interrogative: end with…..?
3.Imperative : Started mainly with verb.
4.Optative:Sentence have pray /may /wish.
5.Exclamatory: end with…..!


Nasir uddin molla.
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